Gen. Grant’s Horse Trade

In is memoirs, Gen. Grant reports a story told of a horse trade that he made in his boyhood days, as follows: "There was a Mr. Ralston living within a few miles of the village, who owned a colt which I was very much wanted. My father had offered $20 for it; but...
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Will Not Claim Body

WILL NOT CLAIM BODY Mrs. Inez Smith whose body was found in a trunk beneath the coal dock on Lake Erie at Cleveland Thursday, was the daughter of Mrs. C. S. Currie, of North 2nd street, this city, and visited her mother during the early part of the summer. Last...
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Old Family Reunes

OLD FAMILY REUNES Painesville, O., Aug 21--The 15th annual reunion of the Hopkins family was held in Painesville yesterday. The members present were of the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eigth generations from James Hopkins and Jean Hopkins, who came to America from the...
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Once More I William Crawford

ONCE MORE, I William Crawford, advertise a strumpet, Rebecca Moreton, who says she is my wife, who has eloped occasionally for 15 years past, and has been absent  the principal part of the time--I do forwarn all persons not to credit or harbor her on my account as I...
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Meteor of 1860

"Meteor of 1860 – Is recalled by New Concord Residents. Parts of it are in Famous Museum" At noon on the 1st day of May, 1860, while the farm men were busy planting corn and doing other farm work on the Jonas Amspoker farm just east of here, a sudden apparent...
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No Room For Genealogy

I want you to look at the image that accompanies this article closely. Look at all the fonts, the images, how all the letters are packed around each other. Do you notice something they all have in common? They're all news oriented. Main stream news. Established...
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How Reliable Is Your DNA

The modern day wonder of being able to use DNA to determine your genetic heritage is a wonderful thing. It can tell us what haplo group we're in, what region our ancestors were from; good and bad things. With DNA testing we've been able to confirm parentage, convict...
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Beauty and Booty in Petticoats

Thrilling Experience of an Ohio Farmer—How a Lady Lost Her Game by a Profuse Display of Leather The following incident, which occurred last week in Guernsey county, Ohio, has a flavor of the times with Dick Turpin and kindred spirits worked their sweet wills up the...
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Having Your Photos Restored

Your greatest family treasures are pictures. These priceless stills are ever in danger of being lost to time. Have them restored and digitally preserved for future generations or gifts to your loved ones. Concerned that your old family photos are damaged beyond repair...

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Having Your Photographs Colorized

Photographs can fade over time due to weathering (cold, damp, or hot, humid) or being exposed to sunlight. Your family heirlooms can be given a new lease life to be enjoyed for future generations. Life was never lived in black and white (technically, its gray scale),...

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The New 4.0 Website Features

Welcome to the new 4.0  website released on 2017 Jan 27. Here's a list of features, additions, and all the major overhauls of Heritage Forensics. This is not a comprehensive list, just the major points. The entire website received an overhaul on the front and back...

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Ralstons from Ireland to America

Some years ago I added a "Clan Ralston" as the forefather to the men I presumed to be brothers. I wrote an indepth theory about this relationship and in it I identified a possible 2 sisters as well. They immigrated in mid 1798 by my theory. I also discussed how not...

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A Photo Surprise

I have two primary folders. One for my paternal relations. One for my maternal relations. I'm actually pretty lucky that I don't have any cross-overs. Yet. I haven't touched either folder set in a long time. Last night, I found my maternal side folder and went...

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Free Clouds To Backup Your Research

In the Computer Age we have a number of things that are available to us to serve as backups for our information The best part? They're free. I took the time to look over the ones I use and to put together a list of the top cloud services that offer free space. I also...

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