The New 4.0 Website Features

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Thu, Feb 6, 2014
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Sat, Feb 11, 2017
The New 4.0 Website Features

Welcome to the new 4.0  website released on 2017 Jan 27. Here’s a list of features, additions, and all the major overhauls of Heritage Forensics. This is not a comprehensive list, just the major points.

The entire website received an overhaul on the front and back end, after 3 years of my office theme design I created. Several elements of that design were dispersed into the new design

New Features

  • Mobile / Tablet responsive design
  • Heritage Store
  • Back To Top arrow on the lower right side for blog posts
  • Dozens of little things

New Layout

Some sections were tabbed under primary sections to eliminate the need for a drop down menu.

  • About
    • Counties (PA has been removed; several counties in Ohio removed)
    • Code of Ethics (brought back)
    • Legal & Privacy Policy (new blah blah stuff no one ever reads)
    • Refund Policy (moved here)

There are other tabs for the Abount section which will be filled out at a later date.

  • Services
    • Research
      • Genealogy
      • Forensics
      • Record Retrievals
      • Transcription (basic & premium)
    • Restoration
      • Photo Color (4 levels)
      • Photo Restore (4 levels)

Digital Archiving has been suspended.

Book Publishing & Design has been shelved

The purpose of Heritage Forensics is for ‘Research & Restoration’, these other services were causing too much dilution.

The Blog has been renamed to The Journal. There will be a new blog every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, once the last of the bugs are worked out from the transfer to the live server. The Journal has been redone and new navigation has been added at the bottom of each post for either next post or next in the category. Most everything from 2010-2013 are “as is” without any new formatting.

New Emails

Some new emails were added. The most important of these being sales@ as a dedicated inbox to handle sales and member accounts.

The Heritage Store is a brand new feature to stream line interactions with clientele and with a listing of all items and services. Here’s a list of what you’ll find in the store.

  • All services, upgrades, levels, and options offered
  • Books on history and related
  • Charts for genealogy and business that I designed for my own use over the years are now available to the public for the first time ever.
  • Forms of Family Records, Bible Pages, Marriages, Memorandums, etc that has been restored, cleaned, optimized for printing, and are now made available in a ‘like new’ condition for your own records or gifts.

New items will be added to the Store every week.

The payment gateway and security is handled by PayPal.

Members Accounts

I tried to stay away from this, but this will make interacting with all clients much, much easier. Here’s a list of why.

  1. Management of your contact info
  2. Commenting without moderation in lieu of Facebook commenting
  3. Future member services not yet implemented

New Social Media Accounts

  • Instagram
  • Google+
  • YouTube (videos will be coming soon)

Future Expansions

  • Gallery
  • Genealogy / History Quiz of my own design
  • Portfolio



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