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Heritage Forensics is a research and restoration firm located in Stark County, OH, that specializes in genealogical or historical research in 38 counties across 3 States and photographic related services with affordable pricing and quality service.

For Legal Professionals and Administrators/Executors:

Finding heirs or next of kin to trust accounts or estates during probation should not be your problem. Let our professional staff work with you to find the right people. We understand the time sensitive nature of probate cases. Put our expertise to work for you.

In Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania, Mineral Rights is an issue with the Marcellous and Utica Shale projects. Per the State Laws and Revised Codes, you’ll need to do the research and find how who actually owns those rights. Our staff is ready to do the research for you and compile reports. Let your case be handled by experienced people who can also find those rights owners.

County Government and Land Owners:

Per Ohio law, before a cemetery can be moved or disturbed, the living descendants must be notified. Let our specialized knowledge of cemeteries, research, locating descendants, and local history make sure you find all of the graves marked and unmarked alike. How do you know who is really their descendant or next of kin is if they had no children? We’ll then contact each of the descendants or next of kin as we determine relationships.┬áLet our experience aide you in quickly working through your projects.

Students, Professionals, Teachers, Professors, Hobbyists, and Everyone in between:

We provide genealogy and historical research in 42 counties in Ohio, 4 counties in West Virginia, and 11 counties in Pennsylvania. When knowledge and experience are important, Heritage Forensics is there to take on your case. Let us work on those brick walls with you and break down time or communication barriers.

There are millions of records in the States of Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Almost none of them are available online! There are many over looked very important repositories of information and none of them may ever be available online. Let our knowledge of archives, personal collections, libraries, law, and local history serve your needs.

Photograph Services:

Cemetery Photographs: Anyone can take a picture, but a professional captures a moment. Our cemetery photograph services are available in 42 counties in Ohio, 4 counties in West Virginia, and 11 counties in Pennsylvania. Whether your interest is in a single headstone, a whole family project, or a cemetery in general, let our experienced and equipped staff take care of your photographic needs.

Restore / Color / Fix: Concerned that your old family photos are damaged beyond repair or looking for a way to preserve them for future generations? With over fifteen years of graphic design experience, you’ll see your old family photographs come to life in a whole new way. Everything from a complete restoration to fade corrections, spot removing, photo cleaning, and colorization are available at the most competitive rates available today.

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